A Cowardly Attack on our Children and Youth

A Cowardly Attack on our Children and Youth

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

We at New Horizons in British Islam are utterly heart broken that young people enjoying a pop concert have been targeted by this barbaric and evil attack in Manchester. 

Our thoughts are with the families of the 22 that have died, and we wish and pray for the speedy recovery of the dozens more that lay injured in hospital. 

This was a cowardly act of violence that has no place in Manchester, no place in Britain, and no place in the world. This was simply inhumane. 

Whilst we mourn however, we are also immensely proud of the emergency services that responded so swiftly. We salute the police officers, the paramedics and the eight different NHS hospitals and their staff that are dealing with the injured. 

We should also be humbled that so many of our neighbours in Manchester came out late at night to offer help in any way they could. Thank you to the taxi drivers offering free rides to those in shock. Thank you to those living nearby who opened up their homes to the ones who’d been separated from their families. And thank you to those who simply just came out handing out copious amounts of brew. This shows the true spirit of Manchester. You are all a symbol of what unites us and what they are trying destroy. But they won’t, because we are stronger together. 

Our deepest sympathies are with the families who have lost loved ones. You will be in our thoughts and prayers as we stand up against this hate.

23 May