Commission for Countering Extremism

Commission for Countering Extremism

Thursday, 25 January 2018

The idea of a commission to tackle extremism is something to be welcomed and has been called for in the past. Issues of such sensitivity, as extremism, deserve to be considered with utmost care and attention. We are not a counter extremism organisation, but this subject is a cause for concern to all members of our society.

It is heartening to see engagement with the public, a focus on all forms of extremism, and independent assessment of extremism at the core of the Commission’s planned remit. This is very important and much needed. It can only help to strengthen work in this area.

Sara Khan has demonstrated a passion for this subject and has worked in this area for many years. We look forward to her findings and hope that this venture will help us move closer to a more resilient, safe and integrated society.

25 Jan