Innocent worshippers attacked

Innocent worshippers attacked

Monday, 19 June 2017

As we wake up to yet another terrorist attack on ordinary, peace loving, British citizens our foremost thoughts turn to the victims and the families of those impacted near Finsbury Park where, following evening prayers, worshippers were mowed down in an act of mindless violence. We have become all too familiar with this sort of devastation, but the pain it causes doesn’t seem to get any easier to bear. It is sad to see the rise of such anti-Muslim sentiment in our resilient nation.

This act of terror is another direct challenge to everything that we stand for. Whilst Muslim extremists attempt to divide us from one side, right wing extremists are trying to do exactly the same thing from the other. The rest of us are left picking up the pieces. What these savages don’t understand is that they are only isolating themselves, while the rest of us are becoming closer knit in solidarity. They simply don’t value what the rest of us value. They don’t believe what we believe.

This latest attack was carried out on the weekend of the incredible Great Get Together. A weekend aimed at celebrating what we all have in common, to honour the late Jo Cox, who was murdered by a right wing extremist. This attack was an attack on her legacy. But that legacy that will only grow in strength.

We would like to thank the emergency services and praise the Imam of the mosque who took a lead in keeping people calm, and protecting the attacker, at a time of sudden shock and fear. You took the high ground and have shown an example of the true mercy of Islam. And you have ensured that this vile individual can now be held accountable.


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