Parsons Green Terror Attack

Friday, 15 September 2017

It is with immense sadness that New Horizons in British Islam has learned of yet another terrorist attack - the fifth one in the UK this year.

We wait with baited breath that no fatalities are confirmed and our prayers are with those that were there at the time, or who have been injured. It reminds us that even if there are no casualties, the impact of such wicked actions can have long lasting traumatic effects on individuals. It is to those that our hearts go out to today.

At this time our thanks also go to the emergency services who, again, responded so swiftly. We are lucky to have such incredibly brave police officers, firefighters and paramedics.

The BBC is reporting that this is the "most sustained period of terrorist activity in England since the IRA bombing campaign of the early 1970's". This is our sad reality. Yet a reality we can all work together to change.

Resilient Londoners will again lead the way in standing up to these cruel evil-doers, and the rest of us in the UK will stand besides them, hand in hand to show those that want to divide us that we are even more united.

15 Sep