Ramadan Bites 2017

Ramadan Bites 2017

Ramadan Mubarak! 

The ninth month of the Islamic Calendar is a special time for all Muslims where we abandon some of our normal routines and habits and take a step back to think, fast and reflect.

We at New Horizons also ask people from across the different faith groups, as well as those without a religion, to take a moment to reflect. It could be to reflect on their past year, a particular spiritual theme or a social issue.

We call these daily collection of thoughts, 'Ramadan Bites'...

Day 1: Julie Siddiqi, Keep Calm and Carry On 

Day 2: Hirra Khan Adeogun, organ donors

Day 3: Jasvir Singh, small acts of kindness 

Day 4: Dr Irfan Malik, reclaimimg 'jihad'

Day 5: Dr Chris Hewer, fasting

Day 6: Saimma Dyer, Ramadan without the fasting

Day 7: Jeremy Rodell, a humanist take on Ramadan  

Day 8: Bishop Martyn Snow, faiths united

Day 9: Rabiha Hannan, real Muslims pray

Day 10: Stephen Shashoua, words

Day 11: Shanon Shah, pacifism in the Quran

Day 12: Gillian Merron, Jewish/Muslim iftars

Day 13: Naved Siddiqi, old and new friends

Day 14: Barbara Winner, a message from the Baha'is

Day 15: Jemma Levene, story of self 

Day 16: Rehana Sidat, mental health

Day 17: Karen Silverwood, second Ramadan

Day 18: Rianne ven Teen, environment

Day 19: Batool Al Toma, Chelsea Flower Show

Day 20: Fatimah Ashrif, seeking within

Day 21: Shaykh Amer Jamil, Time

Day 22: Brendan Cox, Great Get Together

Day 23: Rabbi Mijael Even David, trust those who are different

Day 24: Siddhi Trivedi, Communities together

Day 25: Canon Giles Goddard, A fasting vicar

Day 26: Laura Janner-Klausner, Our shared prophet Moses

Day 27: Riaz Khan, Ramadan to me

Day 28: Asma Ali, Being a better person

Day 29: Masuma Rahim, Body, mind and soul