Ramadan Bites 2018

Ramadan Bites 2018

Happy Ramadan! 

Ramadan is a special time for all Muslims where we abandon some of our normal routines and habits and take a step back to think, fast and reflect.

We at New Horizons also ask our friends and colleagues from across the different faith groups, as well as those without a religion, to take a moment to reflect. It could be to reflect on the past year, a particular spiritual theme or a social issue.

We call these daily collection of thoughts, 'Ramadan Bites'...

Day 1: Manish Verma, Ramadan Bites

Day 2: Rehana Sidat, Relationships

Day 3: Shanon Shah, Malaysian Politics

Day 4: Abda Khan, Food Poverty

Day 5: Giles Goddard, A Rule of Life

Day 6: Julie Siddiqi, Stop, Look and Listen

Day 7: Hirra Khan Adeogun, Memory

Day 8: Julian Bond, Reading the Quran as a Christian

Day 9: Zahrah Awaleh, A Ramadan Manifesto

Day 10: Sara Saigol, Skin

Day 11: Soraya Farrag, Motherhood

Day 12: Shehzad Saleem, Self Accountability

Day 13: Hifsa Haroon-Iqbal, Concept of Worship

Day 14: Lucy Bushill Matthews, Purpose of Zakat

Day 15: Amara Bhimani, Righteous Deeds

Day 16: Jasvir Singh, Eating Together

Day 17: Laura Marks, Food 

Day 18: Shamil Alporado, Neighbours

Day 19: Hena Ahsan, Drought

Day 20: Kamlesh Purohit, Hindu fasting

Day 21: Daniel Thomas Dyer, Divine Names

Day 22: Sumayah Siddiqi, Fasting at School

Day 23: Alex Goldberg, Tackling Diabetes

Day 24: Martin Gorick, Giving Thanks

Day 25: Rahma Anis, Ramadan at University

Day 26: Dr Luman Ali, Appreciation

Day 27: Salma Ravat, Helping the Homeless

Day 28: Mani Hirani, Divinity

Day 29: Henna Rai, Not Fasting

Day 30: Jawaahir Daahir, Food Waste