Ramadan Bites 2019

Ramadan Bites 2019

Happy Ramadan! 

Ramadan is a special time for all Muslims where we abandon some of our normal routines and habits and take a step back to think, fast and reflect.

We at New Horizons also ask our friends and colleagues from across the different faith groups, as well as those without a religion, to take a moment to reflect. It could be to reflect on the past year, a particular spiritual theme or a social issue.

We call these daily collection of thoughts, 'Ramadan Bites'...

Day 1: Hirra Khan Adeogun, #WudhuChallenge

Day 2: Bishop Alastair Redfern, Modern Slavery

Day 3: Nima Suchak, My Hindu Grandfather fasted for Ramadan

Day 4: Dr Shehzad Saleem, Controlling your Anger

Day 5: Manish Verma, Stupid Questions Manish Verma, Stupid Questions 

Day 6: Liz Arif Fear, Get Involved!

Day 7: Myriam Hajjaji, My Dreams

Day 8: Zara Chechi, Meditation

Day 9: Catherine Orsborn, Sharing Food in America

Day 10: Amara Bhimani, Religion or Custom?

Day 11: Soraya Farrag, Negative Thoughts

Day 12: Olivia Marks-Woldman, Friendship

Day 13: Hifsa Haroon-Iqbal, It's Good to Talk

Day 14: Maryam Khan, Ramadan and Exams

Day 15: Hend Ahmed, Choosing Food

Day 16: Sofia Rehman, She Who Disputes

Day 17: Rupal Rajani, Mutual Respect

Day 18: Saima Majid, Community

Day 19: Ismael Lee South, A Multicultural Religion

Day 20: Batool Abdulkareem, The Soul

Day 21: Dr Luman Ali, A Life Lesson

Day 22: Ashiedu Joel, Lent

Day 23: Rehana Sidat, Depression


Day 24: Miriam Arksuh Lorie, The Natural World

Day 25: Naved Siddiqi, Silence

Day 26: Ben Brown, Lose your power

Day 27: Kartar Singh, Dedication to my Imam Brother

Day 28: Riaz Khan, Materialism into Spiritualism

Day 29: Yasmin Surti, Sustainable Charity