What authority do you have to speak about all this?

We do not lay pretence to being qualified theologians or jurists (fuqaha) in the Islamic tradition, but we will work with theologians and experts and often refer to scholarly works to ground our arguments.

We have our own expertise and accomplishments in diverse fields such as law, social science and religious studies. Being theologically literate as well having a background in social and political sciences, our role is to facilitate and provoke a conversation on reform and to explore issue further, in collaboration with the experts – bringing text and context together. We bring to that conversation a depth of awareness of the challenges facing people today and believe we are in a good position to ask the awkward questions, the ones that people often have in their minds, but don’t ask out of politeness.

Furthermore, as individual Muslims, we assert our right to hold a view, to read our faith and practice it, using the intellect that God has provided and for which we will be accountable to Him alone. And we hold the right to manifest our own ideas and passions based on decades of work in the sector.