Great Get Together

New Horizons remembers Jo Cox by bringing people together for remake of Love Actually scene!

On the 17-18th June, communities all over Britain, made up of all beliefs, races, sexualities and ages will come together for the Great Get Together, and we at New Horizons in British Islam are delighted to be lending our full support to this amazing initiative.

In the run up to this weekend, we have been working with our friends at the think-tank British Future to bring together a group of British Muslims, Christians and Jews to remake a famous scene from the hit film, Love Actually.

In the films, our participants communicate messages about themselves on cue cards. Whilst the first card shows their religious differences, it slowly becomes clear that they each have a lot in common- like a shared love for fish and chips, social justice or Monty Python! You can watch all of the films here.

The idea that we all have more in common than we might think takes its inspiration from the words of the late Jo Cox MP, who was tragically murdered one year ago this month: “we have more in common than that which divides us.” 

And it’s this sentiment that seems more important than ever, particularly as Britain has seen three terrorist attacks this year alone. This weekend, as we throw on the gingham, attend street parties, and meet neighbours we’ve never met before, we should remember that we have so much that binds us together.

Please watch, like, share and, above all, enjoy your weekend!

From everyone here at New Horizons